Wednesday, March 03, 2004

The Butler and his maracas have landed 

Ah well. After a long absence, the Butler is now back in normal service.

Since I last posted many moons ago, Mr Flat-Mate has arrived and left, Christmas has done much the same thing, and I've been reunited with my piano. Fingers are flurrying daily across the keys and that feels like a right thing, so it does. I've finally given in and joined the mass of Gaydar users since I upgraded to broadband (how did I ever live without it? - broadband, that is) and now sing weekly with a certain gay men's chorus. The Chorus is great: we've been told to create our own maracas Blue Peter style and take them along to next week's rehearsal - together with earplugs and loose clothing (your guess is as good as mine on that one). And my garden has been cleared by Gary the Gardener. He kindly planted a border-ful of pansies and my daffs are coming out left, right and centre. How bright and cheerful the world seems!

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